Twin High-Capacity

Twin High-Capacity Herringbone Roller Bearing

Internal Diameter: Range From Ø12 To Ø150 For Standard Bearings
External Diameter: Range From Ø37 To Ø320 For Standard Bearings

Length: Range From 48 to 268
Materials: Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminium, Plastics, Etc.
Hardness: 58-62 HRC (650-750HV) For Standard And Some Stainless Steel Only
Lubrication: Grease, Oil
Loads: Uni-Directional (Radial, Axial, Moment), Multi-Directional
Dynamic Capacity: Up To 3.6 Times Compared To Equivalent 4xACBBs In T Configuration
Static Capacity; Up To 8.9 Times Compared To Equivalent 4xACBBs In T Configuration
Stiffnesses: Extremely High
Lifetime: Tremendous (Up To 48 Times That Of Equivalent 4xACBBs In Tandem)
Resistance To Shock: Good
Coatings: Upon Request
Sealing: Upon Request
Carriers: Can Be Removed Upon Request
Herringbone Threads: Symmetric (Standard) Or Asymmetric (Specific Application)
Maintenance: Low Or Free
Vibrations: Negligible
Heat: Minimised
Noise Level: Extremely Low (Negligible)
Speed Limit: Higher
Acceleration: Higher
Skidding: None, Or Negligible
Parts: Customised On Request